Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Zornhau - trans; "Wrath strike" - is a diagonal cut.

Diagonal is good because the target can't duck or sidestep, it gets power from both gravity and the motion of your body, and because it clears away incoming weapons as it strikes home - "Fencing Securely".

How to throw a Zornhau

In a nutshell: Throw the edge at your target.
  1. Stand in Vom Tag.
  2. Punch your right hand at the target's sternum. Drive this using first hips and legs, and then a step forward and out.
    NB Blade always goes first, since your sword is your shield.
  3. Ideally, strike with the top third of your blade - "the point of percussion".*
    If you miss, end the cut with the point forward (in Lang Ort) and stab with gusto. You are now in Krieg. :)


You must  pull your blow. To do this, aim the cut just short of the surface. Since you are throwing the sword rather than whirling it, this should not be too hard.
When being struck, don't chew your lip, talk and most of all, don't turn away; the front of your mask can take a pulled blow from a replica sword. The rear of your mask is made of air.

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