Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Techniques from Sprechfenster (Speaking Window)

When the blades clash, that’s Krieg. It comes in two flavours, Sprechfenster and the Windings. This is about Sprechfenster, “Speaking Window”.

If you are standing in Lang Ort ("Long Point") with a regular grip on your sword, and you are in contact with your opponent’s sword (“in the bind”), then that’s Sprechfenster  or "Speaking Window".

The aim is either to close to Winding advantageously, or stay annoyingly in Speaking Window while sniping away at your opponent.

Your choice of technique depends on what the other swordsperson does.
  • Test the Bind” – When in doubt, force a reaction by trying to stab them.
  • Change Through” – Do this if they engage the tip. Dip the point and pull your sword back so their blade flies past, then stab them by extending your arms. Step as required.
  • Take Off” – Do this if they are strong on your blade, i.e. parry without threatening your face. Using a push-pull lever action, pull your blade back and hit them inside their blade. Either (a) stay in Speaking Window by stepping around, leading with the front foot, or (b) pivot in with the cut to Krieg so that you are in Right Lower Hanger, hands low and back as far as possible, as if you were orbiting your sword.
  • Twitch” – Do this if they are neutral and can’t be tempted into being strong. Same action as “Take Off” (b) but trace your sword around theirs and stab them while pivoting in.
Think: Weak against Strong, Strong against Weak.

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